What You Need To Know About Maintaining Your Residential Lift

Whether an elderly grandmother needs to visit her grandson’s sixth floor apartment, or a family needs to move their furniture up or down several flights of stairs, a residential lift, or elevator, is an essential convenience of modern living. Like all machines, a lift needs regular inspection and maintenance to insure its safety and to extend its life as long as possible. In addition, a lift may need repair in case of an emergency breakdown. If you are living in or own a multi-story residence, you may need lift maintenance service in Singapore. What can you expect from lift maintenance service?

First of all, maintenance should be performed on a regular schedule. Failure to maintain any complex piece of machinery almost inevitably leads to a breakdown. Inspection and maintenance ensures that small problems are identified and repaired before they become large enough to cause damage. Maintenance services include safety inspection, testing for faults, lubrication, and repairs as needed. Some of the specific observations that a lift maintenance specialist makes are how fast the service is, in terms of responding to a call and moving between floors, whether the elevator remains level, whether the doors open and close correctly, and whether the call buttons and lights are working. Inspection should also include safety features, like the call box and fire alarm, and the cleanliness of the interior space.

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In addition, lift servicing company in Singapore may be needed when problems occur between regular maintenance visits. If you notice any of the following problems, it is time to contact a repair service: the lift gets stuck between floors, bumpy rides, a malfunctioning call box, unusually slow operation, or unusually high energy costs. All of these are likely to be signs of mechanical problems that need to be repaired immediately. Some common lift repairs include replacing a chain or a cable in the drive system, fixing a broken hydraulic fluid line, and adjusting the drive chains that control the function of the doors. In addition, elevators that have computerized controls often experience malfunctions that need to be repaired.

If you are looking for lift maintenance and service, you should expect an experienced and professional team who can give you a thorough assessment of your lift maintenance needs and accurately pinpoint any problem that you have. Many companies have several different packages to choose from that offer different schedules of inspection and maintenance. Singapore lift maintenance service by Hin Chong is one company that has been in the business for over 20 years.

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